Author Guidelines

1. Authors who wish to contribute to this journal can view information about the management and publishing of the SIBC journal at About Us.

2. SIBC Journal does not accept articles via email. Articles must be submitted through the Online Submission System. For those who have never registered, please register first. Online registration is free of charge.

3. Guidelines for registration and submitting articles can be found at the following link: Guidelines for Authors and submitting articles

4. Article writing must follow the rules provided in the SIBC Journal template.

a. Articles are written using the Indonesian language.

b. The length of the article is between 5 to 10 A4 pages (210 x 297 mm) with the article format according to the template provided, including figures and tables. Articles are written with an upper border of 3 cm, left 4 cm, right 4 cm, and 3 cm for the lower border The systematics of writing articles must contain:

- Introduction,
- Methodology
- Results and Discussion,
- Conclusion and Suggestion
- Reference List
Theorems that are obvious do not need to be written, just cited when needed. Unclear proofs or theories which the author clarifies by developing them can be added after the Introduction.

5. References used are a minimum of 15 reference sources of which 80% are from journals with > 80% are published in the last 10 years. (adjust to the SIBC template)

6. The editor will conduct a similarity check using the Turnitin application, and for similarity indexes that exceed 25%, the editor will not process the article to the next stage.

7. Every article in the SIBC Journal will be reviewed by reviewers with a double blind review system. All review processes are carried out online through a web system and the progress of the article can be monitored by the author through the web system.

8. The time for each article to be submitted until it is accepted by the editor will not be the same depending on the review process of each article. The editor cannot guarantee the exact publication time when a new article is submitted by the author.

9. Please check the status of your article regularly by first logging in with your account.

10. Print proofing and editing is done by the editor and/or with the involvement of the author. Articles that are already in printed form may be canceled by the editor if they are found to be problematic.

The SIBC Journal is not responsible if in the future everything related to licensing quotations or the use of computer software for making articles or other matters related to IPR carried out by the author of the article, along with the legal consequences that may arise from it, is the full responsibility of the author of the article.